Spring in Your Step: Town Center’s Pedestrian-Centered Design

The vision for Holly Springs Town Center is all about people and so is its design. The City not only wanted to create an exciting new hometown hub for residents and visitors alike, but also one that feels comfortable and dynamic – where you can spend a whole day and look forward to coming back again. One of the keys to creating this feel is in the Town Center’s uniquely pedestrian-centered design intended to bring people to the forefront and to de-emphasize cars.

You’ll see this first in the heart of the site where City Hall overlooks a large central plaza leading to the outdoor amphitheater and flanked on either side by sidewalk-lined restaurants and storefronts. While there is a central loop through the plaza area for cars, parking is focused in the separate parking deck which is tucked to the northern corner of the site, allowing easy Parkway entry and exit and funneling traffic away from the core of the site. Likewise, resident parking for planned flats is also oriented to the perimeter of the site, ensuring convenient access while preserving the core of Town Center as a community and pedestrian-focused space. Residents in the flats and nearby new town homes and city homes won’t need a car to enjoy all that Town Center has to offer. And plans even include designated areas for Uber and ride-share drop-offs and pick-ups.

The result is a Town Center experience focused on community over cars in a place that’s designed to encourage visitors to park the car and stay for the day exploring on foot. And there’s certainly plenty to explore! Start the day with a morning cup of coffee or catch a seasonal farmer’s market or pop-up. Soak up the sunshine in the plaza, then meet friends for a brew and a bite before grabbing your spot centerstage for live music at the amphitheater. Morning, noon and night, you’ll find something to do at Town Center and that’s no accident either. Incorporating a diversity of spaces, merchants, activities and entertainment has been an important part of the planning process to ensure there are many different reasons to come to Town Center and many different ways to enjoy the space, no matter when you happen to be there.
Whether you’re talking traffic, choice of merchants or activities, the singular goal of all this planning is to make Town Center a uniquely special place for Holly Springs and its visitors. Town Center will create and celebrate vibrancy and community. After all, it’s the people that bring a place to life and make it thrive.

The stage will be set soon at Holly Springs Town Center. We can’t wait to enjoy it together!